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Why should you restring your racket? Strings lose their resilience over time, creating a stiff or dead feeling that can be harsh on your arm. A freshly strung racket will absorb the shock better upon contact, providing more comfort and control.

How often should you restring your racket? The basic rule of thumb is that at a minimum you should replace your strings as many times per year as you play per week. However, the more often you restring the better the performance you will get out of your racket, and ultimately your game will be more consistent.

Check out our tennis, badminton and squash racket stringing services. All our stringers are specialists in the field with many routinely stringing at national tournaments using our latest top end Wilson and Yonex stringing machines.

For assistance please email info@playerssports.co.nz or call the Players Sports pro shop at the Scarbro Tennis Centre on 09 528 9782.

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